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For 30 years, Superstar Timo Boll trusts in the high quality and performance of the Butterfly ALC blades, tailored to his specific needs. The Timo Boll ALC has since become an instant classic when Timo decided to make it his personal blade in 2008.

This special limited anniversary ALC blade also features the familiar qualities: Power, stability and the popular ALC-feel which enables the versatile spin variations that Timo Boll has become famous for. The anniversary issue comes in a beautifully designed collectors box with booklet and uses a special-made soft touch "G-Fless" handle material that only enhances this blades' wonderful touch. 

Single production - highly limited collectors' edition! Only available as stock permits. 


Handle formFlared (FL)

Reaction Property11.8

Vibration Property10.3

Blade Composition5 ply + 2 ALC

Thickness5.8 mm

Blade Size157 x 150 mm

HandleFL: 100×25×34 mm

Timo Boll 30th Anniversary Blade

413,34 €Preço
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